Hotel Europa’92 – Don’t Ever Stay Here


Hotel Europa'92 Amsterdam

Hotel Europa’92 Amsterdam Review.

Cleanliness: 1 Star
Staff: 1 Star
Value For Money: 1 Star

Total Score: 3/15
18 Picture

The adventures in Amsterdam are many and always an eye-opener, to say the least! The food, culture, weird people, history and the MILLIONS of BIKES it’s all very exciting but at the end of the day, you need a comfy base to return to each night so you’re well rested for another new day of sightseeing around this fabulous city!

So there we were outside the hotel doors having a quick vape, trying to dodge crazy Dutch people riding there crusty old-fashioned bike at a 100 mph! after being dropped off by our taxi from the airport. We were ready to check in!

The Welcome

When you first walk into Hotel Europa’92 it looks rather nice, everything looks modern, clean and up to date so we immediately felt comfortable and pleased with our choice of hotel.

The Hotel Europa’92 staff member who greeted us was ok “just ok” and gave the normal welcoming smiles you’d expect from someone who was just doing their job because they have to! We were asked to pay the tourism tax of 15 Euros. Of course, we were happy to the pay this and whipped out our travel card, however, we were told that the card machine was not working! Nevermind we’ll pay in cash later on.

Room 304 ” The Door Kicked In”

We were handed our Hotel room key “304” and directed to take the lift to the 4th floor so, off we went. The lift was very small and as we travelled up we could hear it knocking and banging as it climbed towards our floor, maybe it needed a service but it seemed safe “safeish”

The lift opened and we made our way along the corridor to room 304 but, the door was open! in fact, the door had been KICKED IN! The whole locked was smashed off at the frame! We took a look in the room and we couldn’t believe how bad it was! Everything that was supposed to be white was yellow!. I now wish I’d taken some photos but didn’t think of doing so at the time.

The Room Change

We went back down to reception and explained the problem and was told they are sorry and that they knew the room needed sorting out! Yes, they knew the room door needed fixing up and a whole room refurbishment but still they tried to give it to us!. Hotel Europa’92 should be renamed to Hotel euRopey with 92 rooms.

Room 305 “Just Like Room 304”

We were then given the key to room 305 across the hallway. So, back in the clanky lifted and up we went to our new room..

OMG, the door had also been fixed after being kicked in! this was not a good sign and then after a long deep breath, we opened the door and found it was just like room 304.

The room was also yellow with dirt on the walls and old furniture that had clearly seen better days. This room had not been maintained for a very long time although the Hotel Europa’92 website claims they have. There is clearly an issue with mould that has been painted over many times and at some point, there had been a leak from the floor above. The cracked and bubble, dump and arching patches in the ceiling spoke for themselves. This place is an absolute dump and barely inhabitable and although someone can into the room each day to tidy up, replace bath towels and toilet rolls they have never been trained to use or own a duster! Dust was everywhere!

The list of problems goes on and on, the electrics are unsafe with lose plugs and dodgy light swiches. I really cant list everything here so take a look at the photos I took at the bottom of this reviews and judge Hotel Europa’92 for yourself.

The Lying Toilet Issue

Take a look at the photo of the toilet below! You will see that it is very dirty and has what appears to be a poo lying at the bottom however this is a permanent mark! Now, we stayed here in March 2018 and this mark should not be there as people had complained about it in September 2017 and the hotel stated that it has been “cleaned solid” and no longer present! Take a look at this trip advisor review here

So It would seem that Hotel Europa’92 lies to its guests.

Hotel Europa'92 dirty toilet pube hair

Would we stay again!

No way, Hotel Europa’92 is a bit of a farce the hotel brochures show you lovely pictures and surrounding but what you really get is conned! The two rooms we saw were a bit of a joke and certainly not as advertised. Hotel Europa’92 staff are not that friendly and cannot be bothered to deal with complaints.

If you search the internet for reviews Hotel Europa’92 rarely reply to bad ones or lies about the situation of the complaints so there is clearly an issue with the way Hotel Europa’92 deals with things. I get the feeling that once they have your money they just don’t care what you think.

The location of Hotel Europa’92 however was perfect for us as a couple. It was a short walk for the main town and many of Amsterdam’s main attractions.

The Photo Evidence

Hotel Europa'92 - door broken kicked in
The door had been kicked in and fixed!

To our surprise room, 305 was just as bad as 304 the whole room was dated, broken, cracked, smelly and Yellow. Words cannot describe how bad this room was but its bad VERY BAD.

Here are a load of photo’s we took..



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