Never Use Vidahost

Vidahost is possibly the worse web host you could ever use and here’s why..

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If you’re wise you’ll give this hosting service a miss. Their tagline is “Hosting dreams for life” I say their service gave me nightmares.

I’m Not The Only One Having These Issues

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Like A Relationship That Started Out Great

I started using Vidahost a few years ago my first impressions of there hosting service were nothing short of excellent I was in love with it it was perfect in every way, however, I was soon as disappointed and falling out of love like so many others.

Not So Live chat support 24/7

Having live chat access to technical support is a great feature that comes in very handy when you run into a problem you know Vidahost will have your back day or night! But although they advertise that there super knowledgeable tech guys are always available to help you 24 hours a day on their website it’s just not true at all.

If you contact them late at night they are often not there. If you do get hold of someone they’ll simply fob you off and tell you that they will open a ticket for you which you could have done yourself anyway.

Want live support on a weekend? You’ll be lucky you’ll simply end up talking to some passive aggressive idiot who’ll give you one-word narky answers! Or who will gain raise an support ticket? Contacting Vidahost via live chat is always difficult.

Vidahost VPS

I was running my own business using Opencart, to begin with, my site ran fast on Vidahosts VPS “Virtual Private Server” but then after a few months, things started to slow down more and more until eventually my site ground to a halt over and over again!

Vidahost support would take a look at the issue and then blame my site configuration for the site slow down and instruct me to take a look at my site plugins or modifications as the issue was nothing to do with them! However, I knew my site was set up correctly as no extra software was ever installed.

To be fair at times my site would run without issues for days on end but there was always that dreaded thought in the back of my mind of it going down again and indeed it always did.

Vidahost tells you that there VPS run flawlessly and have a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, however, this is total rubbish. During the 2 years, I used there VPS hosting my site went down countless times and ran no faster than budget web hosting. Vidahost VPS cost over £350 a year “2016-2017” and for that price you’d expect and a good level of reliability and customer service but it’s just not the case.

The Hacking Issues

One morning I loaded my site as normal and to my horror, my account had been suspended! I did not know why but it was a worry as my customers would see the suspended notice and worse still wouldn’t be able to order! I contacted Vidahost and I was told that my website had been hacked and as a precaution, they have disabled my it.

I asked them how it could be fixed and was told that they could tell me which files were affected but I’d have to find and remove all the injected rogue code that the hackers had placed within my site myself! So, fuck all help from Vidahost once again. There are clearly many security issues with the Vidahost servers that they don’t want to deal with or don’t know how to deal with as they seem like a bunch of amateur resellers working from a bedroom.

Hacked by terrorists.

Yes, you read that correctly my one of my sites was hacked and taken over by a terrorist organisation and hijacked. They had managed to bypass Vidahost poorly protected server and replace my website with an Islamic State propaganda messages and images.

I reported it issue to Vidahost and they shut it down deleting all my content with it. Again this is just another reason why people should avoid using Vidahost. The servers and nowhere near as secure as they need to be and the worst thing is when you talk to them about it they don’t seem bothered at all.

The list of issues goes on and on and I can’t be bothered to waste any more time on reviewing Vidahost. I’ll just leave you with a little advice. Don’t use them if you do you’ll regret it.

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