Audi A3 Sportback Brake Light Change

Changing a blown brake light bulbs on an Audi A3 Sportback 2009.

You will need:

13mm Socket and Extention Bar
Flat Head Screwdriver
X2 – 12V 21/5W bulbs Available from Halfords Here

you will need

You need to remove the light whole light cluster to get to the bulbs. On the inside of the boot compartment, you will see a small cover that needs to come off using a flat head screwdriver like this..


Once off take the 13mm socket and extension and undo the plastic light cluster retaining nut. Once its undo don’t worry that the lights will full out because they are firmly held in place.

undo nut

Once the nut is free you need to gently pull the light cluster out.


On the inside there are two plastic nuts on the back of the cluster that need to be removed to get to the bulbs. They are not tight and can be unscrewed with your fingers.


Once out you will have access to the brake light bulbs replace them both and then make sure you test them BEFORE you put everything make together again.


That’s it job done.

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