How To Reset Audi A3 Diesel Particulate Filter Error

The Audi A3 diesel is a great car but it is not really suitable for doing lots of short runs. It’s more suited to motorways or for anyone who drives at least 20+ miles a day on roads that allow the engine to heat up fully allowing the DPF “Diesel Particulate Filter” to generate enough heat to do its job.

If this car is not driven hard enough it’ll start giving the DPF error.

Audi A3 Diesel Particulate Filter Reset

How The DPF works
This Audi diesel has a DPF built into the exhaust system that catches polluting particles. It works by catching the gas against A filter and then when the filter is hot enough the exhaust system dumps the pollutants as a solid mass out of the back of the car. So it a simple device that converts gases to solids.

How To Reset The Error
Clearing the DPF from the dash is easy all that you need to do is heat the DPF up. This can be done by driving the car at a speed of about 50 mph for about 5 miles. I do this in 4 gear so that the revs are higher than 2000 rpm.

The Conclusion
My Audi A3 Sportback 2009 “59 Plate” is not suitable for driving around town in or school runs. If your thinking of buying one only do so if your either going to thrash the arse out of it every day or will be doing lots of motorway miles.


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