Don’t Think Diet Think HUMAN!

There are so many diets available today it’s not surprising people struggle to lose the weight they desperately want to shed. Losing weight is perfectly possible in most cases but I don’t think following a special diet is the best or the easiest way to get results.

I think everyone who takes part in these diet plans be it, Weight Watchers, slimming world or whatever diet is just being ripped off.

Back To Basics
To lose weight all that you need to do is understand the basic principals of what we are or what we were!

What Are We?
Human beings “an animal” and part of nature.

What Should Human Beings Eat?
Nature says humans eat what nature provides that’s meats, nuts, fish and plant-based such as vegetables and so on. We are not supposed to eat processed junk it’s not natural and we are not designed to eat them just look around you, people are getting bigger and bigger because we eat too much shit food.

What Should Human Beings Drink?
Water, water and more WATER. Not milkshakes and fizzy drinks.

What Do Human Beings Do?
Humans hunt for food, walk, run and breed burning calories as they do.

Modern Life Made Us Fat
It’s true, modern life is all about convenience and comfort. We can have anything we want 24/7 and that includes food we don’t even have to hunt or run for it anymore.

We don’t need to eat tons of food but we do because it’s so easy to get our hands on. We have been conditioned into sofa loving TV watching Eating machine and that’s modern life!

So whats the best diet then?
That’s easy, move more, eat natural foods like meats, nuts, fish and lots of plant-based such as vegetables. Try not to eat to many processed foods and you will see the result.

Take a look at my Before and After weight loss pictures, I managed to lose weight without going on any special diet.

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