Broken Wrist Updates

snapped-wristI have broken my collarbone in the past and you know what it hurt but, after a few weeks it healed and now it’s a distance memory all gone and forgotten about. My experience of breaking a bone was not that bad so if I ever did it again, not that I was wishing too, I’d know how easy and simple it would be to deal with.

Fast forward 10 years until March 2017 my bone breaking experience was to be relived during an unexpected fall whilst ice skating.

As a kid, I went ice skating a few times and enjoyed it so I purchased some ice skates and along with my misses and other members of our family, we head for the ice rink.

My confidence grow quickly and I was soon doing laps around the rink weaving left and right amongst the other skaters. Although I was getting good at skating in a straight line I wasn’t very good at stopping!

I came round a corner and got my speed up and then tried to bring myself to a stop by pushing out a leg in front of myself and shaving the ice but it all went horribly wrong.

Instead of slowing down my body went sideways, both feet slipped and down I went toward the ice. I reached out with my left arm to break my fall and the felt a big CRACK followed by a POP!

I then hit the ice, at that moment I knew “and felt” what had just happened. Staggering off the ice my arm was bent, twisted and clearly very broken.

The feeling of breaking my arm was unbelievable I could immediately feel a deep and intense pain and I cannot describe it was just so bad. My heart started pumping at a million beats per second and I start to sweat like mad! This feeling I was experiencing must mean I was in shock.

15 mins later after I’d calmed down and got my head around what had happened I can honestly say I felt minimal pain and was feeling pretty good considering the mess my arm was in.

The ambulance arrived and the crew confirmed I’d most certainly broken my arm “no shit Sherlock!” and they offered me some painkillers to which I replied, no thanks the pain isn’t that bad. But half an hour later in the hospital, I was begging and desperate for pain relief!

My Arm Broken At The Wrist

I’d broken 5 bones my the Radius, Ulna and 3 in my hand.

After Xrays and seeing a doctor my arm had to be pulled back into place. It was torture, As Dr Evil pushed and pulled my arm into the correct position I could feel the broken bones creaking, sliding and cracking as they moved back and through. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all! I left a few hours later with my arm in a plaster cast.

The next day I went back to the hospital and they did a great job of fixing my arm with the aid of 13 screws and a metal plate.



After six weeks in a very itchy and smelly plaster cast, my arm was finally freed. I had a 5-inch scar too.


I didn’t realise having my arm in a cast for 6 weeks would cause it to seize up! I could not rotate my forearm at all. It took about 5 months to get most of the rotation of my forearm back I can’t explain how frustrating it was. Even to this day 12 months on I still can’t move it fully.

Maybe my wrist wouldn’t have broken if I was..
Not so fat, the day I fell and broke my wrist I was just under 16 stone in weight and I can’t help but think that this contributed to the break! Had I been 2 stone lighter maybe things would have been different! This thought really bugged me so I set about losing the extra weight and I’m now 14st 5lbs.

12 Months After – March 2018
I’m still in a lot of pain as I now have problems with the tendons rubbing against a medical screw that is sticking out of my wrist bone. I’m waiting for an appointment to have an ultrasound scan so the doctors can work out what to do next.

The power of my grip is still very weak but this is to do with the tendon issue above.

I can’t tilt wrist forwards all the way but its very slowly getting better.

I can’t tilt wrist back and have lost the movement. I can’t do normal press ups with a flat hand because of this and have to do them on my fists.

The wrist will not pan outwards in the direction of the thumb.

Making a fist at bending it towards the inner forearm causing it to rotate inwards.

26th March 2018 – Burpees
Progress! I can’t bend my wrist back it will not bend grrrrr but, for the first time in 6 months, I managed to do 40 Burpees on my fists with straight wrists, not idea but awesome progress.

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