Body Weight Progress 16st to 13st

This first photo is a screenshot of me from a Go Pro video I took whilst on holiday in Mallorca 2016. I can’t believe how big I let myself get! But, this is what happens when you eat and drink everything in sight and do no exercise! At this weight, about 16 stone, I did feel really unhealthy and even had trouble getting up out of bed which is crazy. I continued to live like a slob for until March 2018 when I fell over and badly broke my wrist I’m convinced that had I been lighter it would never have happened so my weight loss journey began.

September 2016
September 2016 – 223 lbs

A photo of a fitter and healthier me September 2017. Despite me breaking my wrist and not being able to do much arm work I managed to drop my weight down to just over 14 stone. I want to get down to 13st its a bit of a daunting thought but I’m sure I can do it 🙂

September 2017
September 2017

February 2018 I had to stop working out under the advice of doctors as surgical screws from my wrist operation were poking out of my skin and rubbing against tendon and muscles the pain was just too much to carry on. I could have ran but I was too lazy!

February 2018

18th June 2018 I had an operation on my wrist to have all the metalwork and screws removed. I felt an immediate difference in my pain and was able to join a gym and get back into light training again 🙂

22nd July 2018 197 lbs
22nd July 2018 197 lbs

Weightloss Progress Record
Heaviest Weight 222.3 lbs January 2016

Sunday 22nd July 2018 – 197 lbs

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