Halo Top Reviews

I love ice cream but it’s so full of calories and saturated fats I just can’t eat it it’s far too unhealthy, however, there is an alternative! Halo Top! This ice cream alternative claims to be healthier but it comes at a price of £5 a tub so its got to be something special right!

Halo Top is available in the UK from Tesco stores, The standard price is £5 but they do go on offer at £3.50 each or 2 for £7 so keep checking the prices from time to time to get the best deal.

There are loads of flavours available with each whole pot containing an average of about 300 calories and is also low in saturated and trans fats. It’s a dream evening snack for every health freak and dieter!

Is Halo Top really healthy?
Another issue I have with these is that they are trap foods, they come across as being healthy and full of protein but they really aren’t that good for you and are full of hidden sugars/sweeteners that will help you get put on weight. They are nutritionally simple offering you very little so really shouldn’t be part of a healthy eating plan. They should be seen as OK treats to have every now and then but not part of your regular diet.

I have tried many of the flavours available in the UK so here’s what I think of each..

Holo Top – Toasted Coconut – Vegan, Soy and Dairy Free.

I love coconut but this Halo Top is f@cking awful there is nothing I like about it at all. The taste is sickly and the texture is utterly repulsive. I ate a third of a pot and I was done.

I think being Vegan, Soy and Dairy Free is the problem as it takes away for too much for me leaving a texture that is something like eating cold watery porridge mixed with the contents of a hover bag! I really can’t deal with it. I was expecting a smoother texture with a few coconut bits but its a fail for me.

This Halo Top contains the highest amount of saturated fats of all “11g per pot” so if you are watching your cholesterol only eat a small amount or try a different Halo Top Flavor like Vanilla Bean which only have 3.8g for a whole pot.

Holo Top – Chocolate

The Chocolate Halo Top is one of my favourites, it does not contain any chocolate bits but that’s ok as it keeps the bad fats and calories low. The Chocolate flavour is fairly weak to start off with but as I work my way through to the bottom of the tub it becomes stronger! The texture is much like real ice cream feeling is smooth and pleasant.

You can’t really fault the Chocolate Halo Top and with its generous dose of protein, it makes a perfect substitute for real Chocolate ice cream.

Holo Top – Peanut Butter Cup

The Peanut Butter Cup Halo Top is the ultimate favourite of my misses I’m sure she loves it more than me lol. I am not too sure about it for one good reason..

The texture of this flavour is beautifully smooth and it contains tasty lumps of peanut butter but, this is what pisses me off about this Halo Top because each pot has different amounts of lumps! Some pots have tons of large peanut butter bits and others have fuck all! How crazy is that!

This flavour is not made with consistently even amount of peanut bits so is a bit of a lottery and that puts me off! However, I do like it and would recommend everyone trying it.

Holo Top – Sea Salt Caramel

The Sea Salt Caramel Halo Top is a good all-rounder for me. Like most of the others, its smooth just like real ice cream and the flavours are really well balanced. There are small layers/nuggets of caramel throughout giving you a more intense caramel experience as you dig in. The hint of salt flavour is perfectly added, consistent and compliments the caramel really well.

If you’re ever not sure of what Halo Top to buy start with this one you can’t go wrong.

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