Air Hogs Sonic Rocket Review

We purchased an Air Hog Sonic Rocket for our son and was so impressed I thought it’s worth a quick review.

This rocket is very impressive and for once it’s a toy that actually does want it says on the box. Take a look at this Sonic rocket in action..

AirHogs Sonic Rocket Review

You have to remember that this rocket really does fly a long way so you must launch it in a huge wide open space. If you try it in your back garden you will lose it on the first flight so be careful.

The Air Hog Sonic Rocket comes with a ground launch stand to place it in before it sets off but we found that it often started off ok and then crashed quickly if the wind caught it. Holding the launch pad at arm’s length gave excellent results every time.

This Air Hog Sonic Rocket is very light so watch out for the wind, on a gusty day this thing will travel a lot further than you think so again be careful.

It takes about 10 minutes to fully charge via USB we look a power bank out with us so recharging was never a problem at all.

It’s very easy to operate simply click the button on the side once and it’ll fly to about 60 feet, Click twice for 100 feet and 3 times for a dizzying 200 feet lift off.

The rocket does fly to about 200 feet and it will do so over and over again on a single charge! It’s very enjoyable and well worth the £17 ” 2018″ we paid for it.

So if you’re thinking of buying an Air Hog Sonic Rocket for your kids it’s a great buy but just remember it goes a hell of a long way!

AirHogs Sonic Rocket Review

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