Enlighten Evolution 3 Teeth Whitening Review

My Teeth
My teeth have always been crooked but there is nothing a can do about that without spending a serious amount of cash, as much as I’d like to have them straightened it’s just not doable however I can improve their appearance by getting them whitened!

For years I smoked, drank coffee and ate god knows how many foods that stained my teeth like crazy and all this, has turned my teeth a shitty shade of B3 yellow.

Like many others, I’m not a fan of the dentist at all! I don’t know why but every time I go I’m a bag of nerves, the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair fills me with horror lol The funny thing is I know that its safe, I can handle a bit of pain I’m ok with that it’s just one of them weird subconscious things that is beyond my control! Years ago when I was a kid I swear the dentist I used to see trained for his dentistry qualifications at the local butchers. It was never a pleasant experience so maybe that’s where my fear of dentist come from! The dentist I see now is a nice chap and blasts the air con for me to keep me cool making it a better experience “but I still don’t like going lol”

So, now is a good time for me to whiten my teeth, after breaking my wrist March 2017 I’m now back to the gym so if I’m going to make the effort to lose weight and get fitter it would be silly not improve my smile!

Finding A Teeth Whitening System!
Doing a quick search on google for teeth whitening I found many cheap ways of making my teeth pearly white. However, the amount of unsafe teeth whitening techniques available is shocking!

You can buy teeth whitening gels off eBay or Amazon I suspect they will do nothing who knows what shit is in the formula! If they damage your teeth or gums you’re on your own the seller will not help you or give a refund.

The most shocking thing I found was people selling charcoal powder promising it will whiten your teeth back to there natural colour! I think the reality is that charcoal will remove stains but it is simply far too abrasive and will strip the enamel from your teeth!

The same can be said for homemade teeth whitening remedies such as mixing baking soda, vinegar and lemon! You’ve got to be fucking nuts to even think about trying it! Again this will quickly damage your teeth.

All of these cheap tooth whitening techniques are simply too risky and a waste of time.

Whats the best way to whiten teeth!
As I understand it dentine becomes discoloured naturally as we age and is not a medical issue at all. Discolouration is accelerated by the things we eat drink and smoke gradually seeping into the center of the teeth via microscopic holes in the enamel surface. Not brushing our teeth as often as we should is also a major contributory factor.

Whitening toothpaste, I think these are mostly misleading and a con they will give you a shade or two lighter by removing stains from the tooth surface only. I think of them as window cleaners! they’ll polish the glass “teeth enamel” so you can see the middle of the tooth. They do not alter or change the colour of the inner tooth “dentine” where most permanent yellowing is visible. The truth is toothpaste is only in your gob for a few minutes so there is little chance it will have time to sink deep into your teeth and whiten them at all so for me, whitening toothpaste would be no good for my sweet corn coloured teeth!

Chemical Beaching, For teeth to whiten you need to penetrate the tooth enamel and chemically alter the soft dentine inside. Carbamide Peroxide is used to break down the staining and will effectively whiten the inner dentine. So this is the only real way of getting pearly white gnashers.

Why did I choose the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System!
Having looked around the internet for a tooth whitening system for a long time it was clear to me that if I was going to whiten my teeth it wouldn’t be worth going for an unsafe and cheaper option.

The Enlighten evolution 3 teeth whitening system comes with a guarantee of achieving a B1 shade no matter what the starting shade is! That’s a bold statement but one I’m going to hope is true.

My dentist offered Enlighten Evolution 3 teeth whitening for £399 “Normal Price £450” this included the following.

  • Custom made upper and lower trays
  • Tooth serum toothpaste
  • 7 days of 10% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 7 days of 16% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 40 min in house whitening after 14 days to complete the whitening.
  • 2 Sample tubes of Sensodyne Rapid Relief
  • 12 Desensitising swabs

Enlighten Evolution 3 Teeth Whitening Review

The Teeth Whitening Process
After a quick check to make sure my teeth were suitable to be whitened the dentist made a mould of my upper and lower teeth that were sent off to a lad so that my whitening tray could be made. The trays take about two weeks to be created and sent back so in the meantime I booked myself into the dental hygienist for a good clean. It was explained that the cleaner my teeth were the better the end result of the tooth whitening would be.

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays

Diamond Airflow “Not Worth The Extra Cash”
I paid to have the Diamond Airflow treatment this is a form of contactless dentistry that uses a mixture of powder, water and air to clean stains and descale teeth. This is advertised on the screen in the dentist waiting room and looked great! My experience with Diamond Airflow was however disappointing. I asked if the hygienist could remove stains from certain places but his effects with the Diamond Airflow tool were minimal. I didn’t see much reduction in staining on the front or back of my teeth, any stains that were removed I feel were done using the dental polish at the end. So although my teeth were de-scaled and polished I wouldn’t be happy to pay for Diamond Airflow again a standard hygienist visit is no different.

Go Back And Collect Everything
After 2 weeks I went back to the dentist he checked my teeth again and showed me how to fit and fill the trays with gel. I have 2 teeth that have exposed roots covered with a hard paste to protect them from becoming too sensitive. I walked out with my bag on enlighten goodies ready to start the teeth whitening process that evening.

This picture was taken on the 2nd day of treatment 1 day missing!

Monday Day One 10% Gel – 23/08/2018
On the first night, I carefully filled my trays with the 10% gel and put them in a couple of hours before I went to bed to get used to them. I first washed my teeth using the enlighten tooth serum toothpaste and applied a desensitising swab around over the areas of receding gums. My lower teeth are very crooked so getting the tray on is going to take a lot of practice but it fits ok once in. I could fill a slight burning and tingling sensation in my teeth and gums but it was nothing much. I manage to get a good nights sleep only waking a few times. The next morning this was the result..

enlighten teeth whitening B3
Day 1

There was no change to my teeth colour at all but I knew it was going to take time so I wasn’t worried.

Tuesday Day Two 10% Gel – 24/08/2018
I waited until half hour before I went to bed to put my trays in this time I could really feel the gel doing something to my teeth. I experienced some really sharp pains shoot through my teeth it was really shocking but it soon settled down. I did wake early the next morning at 04:30, my tray had been in for 6 hours so I took them out washed my teeth and here is the result. It’s hard to see a change in these photos because of the studio lights bounce off my teeth but I can see the whitening had started to take effect.

teeth whitening day 2
Day 2

Sunday Day Six 10% Gel – 29/08/2018
After six day of whitening my teeth each night with the 10% Carbamide Peroxide I am starting to see a real difference in my teeth colour. They have gradually lost the yellow staining and are starting to look great, people are really starting to notice the change.

Having finished using the 10% Carbamide Peroxide it’s now time to move onto the 16% solution. I’m hoping that that will increase the speed and which my teeth whiten!

Day 6

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